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Organic dried Tarragon is an aromatic plant with high medicinal properties that uses in home consumption or industries of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic. The shelf life of Dried Tarragon is more than 2 years if we keep it in cool and dry. Organic dried tarragon is 100 % pure of organic dried leafs, cleaned & sorted, without any wood & metals, 100 % without pesticides in the exporting cartons or bags. Iran is one of the leading producers of medicinal plants such as Organic Dry Tarragon in the world.

Tarragon Specification

  • Name: Tarragon
  • Variety: Dry
  • Part: Leaves (Leaf)
  • Color: Green
  • Quality: Cleaned & Sorted, Without any wood & metals, 100 % without Pesticides
  • Length:  Medium & Large
  • Width: Wide
  • Purity: 100%
  • Shelf Life: At cool place and cellophane & plastic about 24 Months.
  • Aroma: Power
  • Package: Exporting Cartons of 10 kg, Plastic Bags

What is Tarragon?

Tarragon is a perennial old plant which the height can reach 60 cm or more. Tarragon has tall and narrow green leaves that are also weak. Tarragon is a Sunflower family. The flowers of this plant are yellow and blossom at intervals of July to October. The herb date is from 5000 BC. The tarragon has been seen for the first time in the southern regions of Russia and Siberia, and over time, it has been remarkably captured in other countries, such as Iran.

Tarragon Medicinal Properties

Organic tarragon has high medical properties, including medical benefits such as the treatment of menstruation and regulating menstruation. Increasing appetite, reducing rheumatic pain, preventing gingival bleeding is another of its properties. In preventing cardiovascular disease, sedative, it eliminates the odor of the mouth and body and helps to dehumidify. Tarragon tea is effective to relieve toothache and improve sleep. Tarragon is antibacterial and hypnotic.

The largest Producer of Dried Tarragon

The dear country of Iran is one of the leading producers of medicinal plants such as Organic Dry Tarragon in the world, and annually exports about 200 to 300 tons of this plant to other countries. Of every 6 kg of fresh tarragon, about 1 kg of dry Tarragon is obtained, and this organic tarragon has a lot of fans due to its high quality and unique aroma.

Tarragon Types

Tarragon is available in fresh and dry form.

Tarragon Uses

Tarragon, as an aromatic herb, has high uses in domestic(home) and industrial applications. Organic dried tarragon plant is used in the preparation of various foods, pickles, soups and even tea and is used as an aromatic and medicinal plant in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Storing of Dried Vegetables

We can go up the shelf life of dried vegetables with these actions:
  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • Avoid from extra moisture, for example, when adding dry vegetables to food, do not touch it directly because the steam gives them moisture. Instead, use a dry spoon to transfer the dried vegetables to the food.
  • Not keeping the dried vegetables in the freezer: Freezer is not a suitable place for keeping of dried vegetable

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